Saturday Musings - Going On An Adventure!

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Jul 29, 2011
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A couple of months ago my wife and I woke up to a note on the kitchen bench from our 20 year old son, Timothy, saying that he was off on an adventure with his new car. After the initial shock (we hadn’t had any arguments with him or anything) I was actually really proud of him.

Sure there were better ways to let mum and dad know something like this but he’d decided to take charge of his life and do something completely different for six months or so. Since then we’ve had phone calls, texts and emails from him as he’s been having his adventures. There have been a few road bumps along the way but on the whole he’s having an incredible time.

For example, yesterday we received a text image of a bowl of spaghetti that he’d just cooked for the crew of a fishing trawler! I told him to thank his mum for her cooking lessons. For those of you that have seen this movie “Walter Mitty” it’s almost exactly like that! He's living life and having a great time doing it. :)

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