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Nov 1, 2006
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Looking to clear out more of my smaller sites so there are some good deals in here for everyone! All sites are being sold as-is.

*If you would like to see details statistics for a particular site please message me and include the site(s) you're interested in as well as your Google email address. (GoDaddy)
Webmaster forum that targets adult webmasters..
-Running SMF (Simple Machines Forum), Facebook page/Twitter Account Included
-Average Monthly Uniques: 50
-Revenue: None
Price: $25 (GoDaddy)
Amazon affiliate website that offers horse riding gear and equipment..
-Running Wordpress, Facebook page/Twitter account Included!
-Average Monthly Uniques: 200
-Revenue: None
Price: $20 (DynaDot)
Poker forum that targets the gambling niche..
-Running SMF (Simple Machines Forum)
-Average Monthly Uniques: 40
-Revenue: None
Price: $25 (DynaDot)
Growing webmaster forum over a variety of niches..
-Running SMF (Simple Machines Forum)
-Average Monthly Uniques: 40
-Revenue: None
Price: $30
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