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Session-based call tracking


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Jan 8, 2015
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Dear Friends,

We have developed new service in system called Session-based call tracking. It allows substituting the phone numbers for the visitors from the audited sources in a way that one phone number was one time visible only for one visitor in your website. Now you can identify the keywords, campaigns and the ad sites, which lead the calls and those, which keywords, campaigns and the ad sites that lead to draining of your budget.

This module is easy to auto-install in your Google.AdWords campaigns.

The cost for this service is 20 Euro per month + the cost for phone numbers and redirection. The cost for the phone numbers and the redirection can be checked using Scroogefrog.com website

It is generally enough 2 phone numbers for substitution for an average website.

If you have questions on session-based call tracking module and on the other modules please feel free to contact me.
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