expiring soon Sex.Forum (Sex dot Forum) Offers wanted for https://sex.forum (Sex.com was sold for $13 million in 2010)...


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Apr 27, 2022
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Build a niche community in the adult/sex industry with https://sex.forum (Sex dot Forum)

Forums offer huge potential due to return visitors and user-generated content. Plus, the online Sex/Porn industry has numerous sources of revenue including endless affiliate offers, direct advertising, physical products, white label opportunities and more.

Forums related to sex are a proven business model, simply look at the Reddit sex forum (reddit.com/r/sex/) which has millions of members... not to mention dozens of other reddit sex-related forums with millions of members (sex stories, NoFap, fetishes, etc.).

Sex.Forum (Sex dot Forum) has great branding potential. Say it with me "Sex dot Forum"!

Oh, and did I mention... in 2010 www.sex.com was the most expensive domain name ever sold (at the time) for $13 million (source), imagine what it's worth in 2022. Now you can own www.sex.forum

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