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Feb 6, 2007
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Domain Registrar: Godaddy
Domain Expiry Date: 1-2-2016 (reg 1-2-2008)

Website Description:
This was used as a place to sell my domain names that I priced $99 and under. It was used to sell quick flips fast and cheap. I did somewhat well with it but then soon wanted to not have 2 websites selling domains. I let it go and built the site I use now for everything.

It has original content for the blog post and even is ready to go with categories to start to add domains ASAP. Very easy to use template that can be modified with ease. It is wordpress based and the theme is called Domanja. -->

You will also get my Twitter account of the same name @DnChamp I last tweeted on it early this year for domains I was selling on ebay.

This is a GREAT way to have a domain portfolio website as well as get started quickly in turning it into a resource site if you keep up with the blog postings and such.

You can add ads to it or not based on how you set up the template. It has only made $74.60 from the Backlink Genie ad and has not paid out due to not meeting the $100 threshold. Again I have not used this site for SEO, or selling in over a year but it still gets traffic as you can see from the screen shots.

Traffic Statistics: Showing all of 2015 so far and I included the whole year of 2014 as well. (see below )

Revenue Statistics: Shot of the money from Backlink Genie ad. (can send

Starting Bid: This is NOT AN AUCTION but I am looking for the BEST OFFER!!!

Payment Methods Accepted: Paypal (only if your a repeatable member), Escrow

Additional Notes: You get everything that is already on the site and will send the zip file of the template if you wanted to do other sites as well. You just have to move the hosting over.
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