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Dec 16, 2003
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Please contact me at or through the PM board.

Asking Price $125,000 US Funds NEW ASKNG PRICE!!!

Revenue Details

Average Monthly Sales : $19362
Average Monthly Gross Profit : $9632
Average Monthly Net Profit : $7600-8000

Executive Summary

Sun Security is an innovative company that has been developed for a long term successful owner. Great pains have been taken in the conceptualization, planning, development, and implementation of this project. Nothing has been overlooked. Each of the necessary processes for a successful and profitable long term business has been painstakingly thought out and laid into place. From the professional design to all the policies for daily operation, every detail has been given careful scrutiny. It is obvious that the current owners have gone above and beyond in preparing this project to be passed on to long term new owners. A close inspection of the website itself, marketing strategy, businesses processes, tested product line, and threshold pricing for profitability is apparent. This is a golden opportunity!

Sales Testing Information and Trends

Since our launch of Sun Security, we have recorded an increase in monthly sales that have reached more than 21K for the month of August and still climbing. All monthly sales documentation will provided to qualified buyers. A point of interest to consider, in just our first actual month of sales and while testing new products with no marketing strategy in place, we produced 20k in sales. With regard to testing both product and market strength, this is certainly a strong indicator of the potential in the security products market. All research points toward an upward trend in security sales for the next several years.
It should be noted that after testing large numbers of products in the marketplace during the months of January , February, and March, the owners reduced previous inventory levels for April and May of 2008 to redefine the product line after this extensive market testing. Once the new product line was tested and identified, the next step in the process was to find the best manufacturers the industry has to offer.
The next logical step was to travel to China, the worlds largest manufacturer of security related products, to put this plan in motion. It should be obvious at this point, that the owners were very serious about laying the groundwork for the future and building a long term business plan to become a leader in the security products market. As compared to many other companies in the industry, they were not content with just finding suppliers over the internet and with sources like Allibaba or They wanted to partner with only the best producers in the world. Therefore the primary purpose of traveling to China was to locate and meet with the administration and management with the best the industry has to offer. The result of this trip produced the core of the business and has created a long term partnership that provides this company with proven products that are not only in demand and are of great quality, but at better than market prices.

Introduction to Sun Security

Sun Security is a new and innovative security products company that has been built from the ground up over the past year and has now just begun to take off. The research, development, and hard work has been done. The foundation is laid, and now it’s ready to reap the rewards. The owners have invested over $90,000 and a year of hard work completely systemizing the business with processes from SEO, shipping, customer service, accounting, developing profitability formulas for testing products for quality and profitability, locating manufacturers, and establishing long term business relationships.

Product Line and Suppliers

Since the owners of Sun Security have traveled to China to meet with each supplier in order to establish this long term relationship, the new owners will be personally introduced to the administration of all current manufacturers of our products. Additionally, the new owners will have access to all product research conducted by Sun Security to arrive at our current product line.
In the last few months Sun Security has been chosen as a primary distributor and representative in the United States for one of the largest manufacturers of DVR technology in the Asia.

The Website

The website is based on the OScommerce platform with over $10,000 in modifications, 800 web pages, and 1100 quality incoming links. The website has been perfectly optimized for SEO and usability. The entire site has gone by the highest standards for site layout and design to ensure easy customer navigation and above industry standard conversion rates.
The website is completely automated, from shipping, to returns and replacements.

Summary of the Website Features:

• Professionally developed ecommerce website with 1100 incoming links and growing daily.
• Professionally optimized SEO Blog with over 200 posts with writers willing to stay with the new owner.
• 800 Toll Free number that goes with the new owner
• Professional CSS Coded Pages
• 3 step checkout process
• Optimized and tested placement of security seals
• Unique page titles, descriptions on every product page


Sun Security has been professionally structured and optimized to perform in the search engines. The current marketing team is also willing to continue optimizing the website. It takes about 6 months for a website to begin ranking well after extensive SEO work. SEO work was started in approximately the middle of January 2008 and now in August the results are beginning to show. As of today, August 26, 2008, the site is ranking in Google #4 and #10 for the most competitive keywords in the marketplace. Of course the site is optimized for many more keywords, but this gives you some idea of the progress and the potential this website is posed for in the industry. The owners highly recommend keeping the current SEO team as the progress has been exceptional.
Current Sales Channels include both SEO and eBay. The sale of this profitable business includes all professionally designed product eBay templates which have been highly tested and optimized for keyword titles for eBay and produce an above average conversion rate.

Key Features:

• Listed with Yahoo Directory $300 (Paid for 8 more months)
• Listed with Directory
• Listed with
• Listed with several hundred quality and relevant directories
• Includes Squidoo Lens with unique Content
• Includes Hubpages Pages with unique Content
• SEO Optimized blog with $300 in SEO plug ins and over 200 posts ( we have not began to market the blog posts themselves as doing so will potentially double traffic to the site)
• 4 Mini websites with over 100 pages of quality unique content and all on unique IP and separate webhosts are included. These sites have also been professionally marketed and will begin to increase the main site rankings over the next few months. (Please note the current SEO team builds one of these sites a month and also does all the marketing for the mini sites)
• Recently Joined Amazon Pro Merchant. We have added only 2 of our core products that have required bar codes assigned to them for August. We recommend the new owners add all the products to Amazon is recommended.
• Recently added new $300 module to OScommerce to stream all products to every major shopping engine.
• Social Marketing has been done lightly on the site. Owners will include an effective plan for Social Marketing.
• Consistent Article marketing has been done since January. The new owner will receive all article accounts in good standing with no limitations.
• The site will also include the entire marketing plan and processes for each task.


Sun Security products are the highest quality in the industry. Each product we sell has been tested for quality and for long term sales potential. You can compare our current product line to any online competitor and you will notice the quality, features, and the prices surpass the market competition.
We stock approximately 40% of products of our product line. Should the owner be interested in utilizing a fulfillment center, we have a completely automated system in place.
The balances of our products, 60%, are drop shipped from reputable suppliers in the US.

Tech Support

Sun Security currently employs a certified installer with 35 years experience and has worked extensively over the years with Texas Instruments and Dell. Tech Support handles customer tech support and also verifies system quality. The Tech Support Technician is willing to stay with the new owner.


Customers compliment Sun Security on a daily basis about the attention and customer care they provide. When the owners first conceptualized this project, one of the first and foremost issues believed to be required to its success, was to provide the best customer care in the industry. In order to achieve LTV, lifetime customer value, and to reduce customer acquisition cost, the owners knew that great customer care was imperative.
• 1100 Customer email list and growing (Marketing to this list has also not been done and would an excellent way to quickly increase sales)
• Perfect and up to date record keeping
• In house Developed Accounting reports for tracking profitability and expenses.
• Profitability Calculation Sheets developed by the company for this industry.


The new owner will receive training via email/msn/phone for 90 days or until comfortable on their own. Please note that the owners are willing to do hands on training at the new owners expense that would include the current owners coming to your city for a period of 15 calendar days to perform hands on training.

Future Potential

This site is just getting started and the new owner is going to reap the benefits of all the hard work already completed. With the security industry growing at an astounding rate, the demand for surveillance system is increasing each day. The industry is already a 4 billion dollar market, and the trend continues upward. Research indicates that the security system market, and more specifically the security camera and systems market, has relatively weak marketplace competition as compared to most other industries.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Sun Security has yet to initiate a PPC campaign. With the proper campaign setup, sales could be expected to rise or even double very rapidly. The owners, at your request, can provide some of the best resources for setting up your PPC.

New Products

New products, the owners will drop ship, have been recently added to the site but yet to be marketed. The new owner can expect an increase in sales as the search engines begin to index and rank these pages. The owners also have additional ideas and research they will share with the new owner to increase sales with the addition of new products.

Affiliate Program

Sun Security does not currently offer an affiliate program. Adding this program would increase online sales and help with brand awareness.

Installer Program

This is the most under utilized marketing strategy for the company as well as the industry. Some installers will spend $5,000+ plus a month on products they install for home or business owners. We highly recommend the new owner pursue this marketing channel.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing has not been initiated for the site as of yet. Video marketing is an excellent traffic generator and also helps increase rankings in the search engines. The owners have an excellent video marketing plan that will be shared with the new owner.

Online Forums/Blog Posting

This is another effective strategy that has not been initiated for the site. The owners will also provide an effective plan.

Press Releases

The site has not used the successful method of press releases. This is highly recommended and will increase rankings and traffic.

Marketing Summary

The marketing campaign and promotion of the Sun Security website is in its initial stages. In a very short time by industry standards, in regard to the promotion of this site, it is already producing more than $20,000 in monthly revenues. With this trend in mind, and using the research and ideas recommended by the current owners, increasing sales to 50k or more monthly will a realistic short term goal and of course just a matter of time. The current owners will include a marketing plan already laid out, so you, the new owner, can continue the strategy to increase sales to $50,000/month or more within the year.

Reason for Selling

The current owner’s business plan, as entrepreneurs, is to identify profitable markets and to build businesses designed for long term profitability for new owners.

Please contact me at

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Dec 16, 2003
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I forgot to mention that $10,000 worth of inventory will be included in the sale.

Attached are revenue break down and traffic stats:

Traffic Stats

Revenue Break Down

Expense break down:

We do have an inhouse marketing team that will be willing to continue doing promotion for $1050 Month.

Monthly Breakdown
merchant fees $320
Marketing $219
Webhost $20
ebay $1059
shipping $800
Scan Alert $99
Comodo Paid for 3 Years ($219 for 3 years)
Total $2823.08

21000, and a gross profit of 10500
Net profit $7976.92


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Dec 16, 2003
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Special offering! We are dropping the price for a quick sale. We are now asking $90,000.
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