-A GREAT Money Lending type Website and Business name!

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Aug 27, 2008
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This is a SUPER GREAT Name for this Price!

– This could be a 'One Stop Shop' Website for EVERYTHING to do with - All types of 'CREDIT' including Traditional Credit Throught the WORLD!!!

Traditional Credit is a GREAT Website and Company - Business name!

Keep it for an Investment, Broker it, Find a Buyer or Develop it for a Big Profit!

There are many different Companies out there that 'Traditional Credit' would be a PERFECT fit for and could justify paying a 'pretty penny' for it in their Business Plan!!!

This could be a Business that reflects a more conservative type Credit Lending approach!

I checked with the and it is not a registered trademark in the USA! A GREAT catch!

A GREAT potential business! Develop this DN and turn it into a $XXX,XXX Website!

This Website could have advertising for all types of Banks, Credit Unions, Savings & Loans, Car Dealerships, Furniture Stores, Credit Card companies, etc. - ALL companies willing to extend credit to consumers AND AT WHAT INTEREST RATES THEY ARE CHARGING!!!

This Potential Website could generate a lot of Advertising $!

Your imagination is the limit as to what this potential Website could entail!

This website would take some effort to develop but it has some GREAT POTENTIALS!

Many other potential uses!

Looking for offers on:

A GREAT Internet presence:
MSN hits - 129,000
Google hits -241,000
Yahoo hits - 711,000
Estibot Appraisal - com $300

BIN set at $670
BIN lowered to $600
BIN lowered to $540
Last BIN lowering to $480 - DN for sale only - no website.

Post 'SOLD' if buying at the BIN price to claim this DN!

Regged at godaddy, expires 2-22-10 and will push free to the buyer.

I will negotiate the means to make the sale happen, buyer pays 1/2 the escrow fee if applicable.

I will accept paypal and I will push the DN 24 hours after payment has been made. Buyers using paypal must have a good rep. for payment.

Respond here or pm me for more information, to buy this DN or to make an offer.

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