short -- Premium Highly used Abbreviation for (Text Message's)

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May 29, 2015
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As in the abbreviated form of the word text messages.

A quick google search of the keyword txts will show that companies such a vodafone use the term txt's in there pricing plans. The term is also is used as and paid for by companies in google adwords for the abbreviated form of the word "tickets".

  • As stated above, it is a highly used abbrivated term and slang word.
  • It has 16 years of history initially being registered in 2001.
  • As well as a
  • The .net extension works favorably towards the term as text messaging is a form of networking or a network in and of itself. But txts is also used in more then just text messages and is a networking term as well.
Even taking the text messaging aspect aside the name also has face value as a acronym as well.​

Example : Tx: (Texas) Ts: (technical support), (telecommunication server)-- (telecom server)-- (transport station, transit system) etc.

Highly versatile in Multiple billion dollar networking (and non) industries.

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