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Jul 5, 2007
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UCCJ.COM is right now for auction at Flippa.

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NO RESERVE! The highest bidder keeps it.

UCCJ.COM is one of the finest's, with a nice configuration of letters.

  • Easy to remember. Highly brandable name with double C at center.
  • All major extensions taken! (.net, .org, .info, .biz, etc.)
  • CC is one of the strongest combination of letters, with lots of acronyms, like: Community College, Credit Card, Car Club, Cheat Codes, Christian Church, Clinical Center, Cruise Control, College Center, Customer Care, Computer Center, College Council, Call Center, Critical Care, Community Club, Central Committee, Comedy Central, Cape Code, Church of Christ, Clark County, Cyber Cafe, and MANY MORE.
  • The Ending "J" can stand for Journal, Japan, Jet, Junction, Java, etc.
  • Some existing acronyms are: Uniunea Colegiilor Consilierilor Juridici (Romania), United Church of Crhist in Japan, Universidad Civil de Ciudad Juarez (Mexico), Unit Costs in Criminal Justice.
  • This is a really aged name. UCCJ.COM was created in 2003.
  • High valuation: $6,800 USD

Thanks and good luck!

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