developed Well ranked xbox site with good traffic...9 year old domain name PR2 lots of links

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Nov 1, 2004
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1st page of google for many keywords

External Backlinks - 835,460
Referring Domains - 13,582
5,380 Referring Backlinks are Educational
93 Referring Backlinks are Governmental
71 Referring Domains are Educational
2 Referring Domains are Governmental
8,347 Referring IP addresses
5,779 are Class C subnets

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These backlinks are stable and permanent! If you have experience in SEO knows how long it takes to have backlinks! years, many years!
You know how much money you can earn with this site?
can earn with adsense, clickbank, amazon and an endless number of Affiliate programs!

Great keywords.... "copying xbox games" with low competition (12000) and the Keyword "copy xbox games" with Low Competition (49,500)

The site also has a classified ad section with over 6k items listed. The site is currently running a offer from peerfly which is doing ok. About $10 to $15 per week.

A nine year old domain name with good rankings, traffic, and backliks is worth far more than $195 but i need some fast cash. This would be a great site to flip. The site has seen a steady increase in traffic since I have had it. I have done some SEO work and added the classified section which has so much content that it has added a lot of traffic from long tail search terms.
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