What is your opinion about .world ?


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Jan 12, 2016
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Hi all,

I bought around 40 .WORLD a year ago but didn't do anything to promote them (forum, sedo, even landpage...). Now it is reneval time and it is around 30 doll each.
All of them are usual and current word in english and in around 5 letters.
I am thinking about two startegies :
- renewal them all and post them on sedo, godaddy auction, flippa and forum + ask a friend an html landing page to put on everyone with a mail contact.
- let them expire but it is hard because I spent time, energy and money

What do you think ? Is .world at decent price this year ?
ideally if you have experience please contact me in PM so I can give you the precise name in order to have your kind opinion.

THANK you in advance
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