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Winners4u Affiliate Program (earn upto £40 commission)

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Feb 4, 2005
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Winners4u Affiliate Program Information


We are looking for partners to join our affiliate program to promote and profit by commission of sales from our successful and profitable horse racing dutching service. We run a service called Winners4u which can be found at and are looking for select individuals and businesses to join our free affiliate program.

About Us

If you are unfamiliar with Winners4u we are a Horse Racing selection service that uses 'dutching' to produce consistent profits for our members by betting on 2 horses per race until a winner is found. Members daily profit target is 10% of there bank.

Affiliate Program

We have a generous affiliate program to maximize your earnings. Earn 10% Commission through our affiliate program. By placing our promotional links and banners on your site or in your newsletters etc, you can earn 10% of every sale you generate for us. Additionally, unlike other affiliate programs you will also generate commission on any recurring payments. Furthermore unlike other affiliate programmes, our affiliate scheme is backed with a Compact P3P Policy thus making sure that visitors sent to our site are tracked successfully even if they have their privacy settings set to high.

How it Works

Refer people to our website through your own website banner/link or exclusive URL. When they sign up for any of our services or other items that will become available, we will pay you a percentage of their spend!

Currently this is 10% reoccurring commission on sales.

£40.00 Commission - The Premium Club Monthly (£400.00)

£10.00 Commission - The Premium Club Weekly (£100.00)

£ 9.90 Commission - Profit Plan 28 Days (£99.00)

£ 3.00 Commission - Profit Plan 7 Days (£30.00)

Our partner program was designed so that you can generate the maximum amount of money possible. Even sites with little traffic can generate significant amounts of income if you actively promote the service. All commission payments are made weekly after an initial waiting period. Please see commission info (above) for full details.

Sign up as an affiliate partner and you will start making money immediately. There are no requirements and it is free to join. Just fill out our quick form and we will give you the code that will start generating commissions for you. If you would like to become an Affiliate Partner, please click the affiliate set-up button below.

Our service sells exceptionally well. Creating sizeable commissions for all our affiliates!

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is an excellent way to earn additional revenue from your website or even

By simply sending emails to your contacts. When you join the www.winners4u.com affiliate program you will receive a special link unique to you. You can insert this link into your web page; email it to your friends or those on your mailing list. This unique link identifies potential customers as your own.

Clicking the link will take your referrals to the www.winners4u.com website. Should the person you refer go on to subscribe from us you will earn your commission.

You could be earning in your sleep!

What's more, should any of your referrals visit our site but not subscribe, but then return again up to 45 days later, but subscribe to our service this time. You will still get the commission paid to you. Well you deserve it, even if it was 45 days ago!

What makes all this possible is our high tech affiliate management pro gram. Our computers track all sales and referrals to our site.

There Is No Need For You To Sell Anything!

Simply add your affiliate link that we will supply you with & direct your visitors to www.winners4u.com and our computers will do all the hard work for you. You don't have to take in payments; you don't have to answer queries. Simply promote and wait for your commission payments.

Best of all it is FREE to Join!

Customer Service That's Second To None

Our service to affiliates is excellent with the promise to provide:

24 hour, real time access to your statistics and sales

10% revenue share of subscriptions to www.winners4u.com that is up to £40
for each monthly subscription also not forgetting 10% every time your clients re-subscribe!

Prompt, reliable and regular payments of commissions

PLUS - An instant confirmation e-mail sales invoice mailed directly to you at the time of purchase.

Outstanding Promotional Material
We have made a selection of banners available which range from box banners, to the larger scrolling results boxes, more profitable banners can be found on our (links page).

Ongoing Support
Your success is important to us! Not only is it important but also vital to our success. The bigger your site, the more clients you will refer to us and so on.

Do You Need Any Help?
From writing sales copy to search engine placement, to building affiliate income, we are willing to help and answer any questions to the best of our ability. Contact us here at affiliates@winners4u.com
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