Would you choose NFT over Domain?


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Dec 19, 2019
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I recently saw the tweet of CBDOil.com owner. He is selling the CBDOil.com for which he paid $500k to invest in NFTs.



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Sep 15, 2017
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If his business is doing so well and he is doing so well at NFTS he would not need to sell that name to invest more right? It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

I am familiar with the person and if he is selling then he either has something better lined up, got tired of this particular business or a bit of both.

Anyone giving up their primary source of income for NFTS is going into dangerous waters imo unless they are super wealthy.

It also could just be he feels he doesn’t need that domain anymore because his business is profitable and customer base established.

In answer to your question no I would not do so. Everyone’s situation is different. That guy is not a domainer but an entrepreneur so its a bit different circumstances.


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Jun 25, 2022
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I hate NFTs, even though my public wallet has billions of them


First as a listed artist in museums, I thought it's just another way to sell prints, you make an original and the game is giclee prints, limited, signed, museum canvas, etc. So why not NFTS, the 1/1 is like an original work, then 1/whatever

But overall, I hate the whole space now, the reason, it's crap art, apes, punks, etc

The Pet Rock craze all over

Anyone want some good NFT domains, I got some

I like the projects I did, I like having wallets stuffed with them, but the space is nothing but crap art

As a medium, it will be around, but I expect 1/1 of a real artists to be the future of it, the 10K PFP crap is fad city, here today and nothig tomorrow

As for the tech, it's crap, it's mostly on ETH 1.0 and that's crap, slow, expensive and guess what NOT ONE IMAGE is on the ETH chain, haha, so when all the image links start to die, the art will even disappear, haha

If you like the art, buy some, if you think you can flip it, forget it

No liquidity

I just checkd his site, no traffic, 4M alexa, a ghost town, so it's doubtful he made many sales with an alexa that low.
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