developed WP CMS NICHE PREMIUM (x4) Credit,DN,BET (.com websites) low start

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Oct 1, 2005
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hard work, lots of labour and business intelligence offers you; this "MAXIMISE-ME" OFFER to become a Niche CEO
Are you passionate about credit, betting, ppc or domains?


+CUSTOMISABLE INTERCHANGEABLE THEME DESIGNSx 9 (with this theme platform for details see below)
4 different Automated Subscriptions/OPT IN's built in:
1.newsletter and new blog posts (AUTO MATED right from your blog with customisation options)
2.product offers/email marketing (aweber,1shopping cart, custom etc using sidebar and or POP UP- you need to add your relevant opt in Code to see in operation)
3.feedburner email and rss
4.Blog feedback rss (widgetized)

*Social networking
bookmarking options displayed with your site content pages
*Social media
Autmoated integration with your profiles
*Blog Monetization
4 different ad integrated areas/system (adsense, 125x125,468x60,custom sizes)
*SEO (ON PAGE & external SE/ thrid party traffic automation)
Backlinks visitor featured integrated option for each page
Urls and content optimised for Se's
Google sitemaps XML
*Live chat AJAX (registration required for the site and yourself)turns your website visitors into customers using next generation chat technology
*Live feedback Feature
*Live Automated opt in/user self-regulated Blog contact list builder
*Aweber, 1shoppingcart, getresponse and any other custom list integrated (seperate to blog but included /already integrated)
*LIVE social Networking/Media integration (ie twitter) using dandy ID (registration required)

How much? Well-under-$100.....starting bid!

MORE INFO first;
*PREMIUM THEME WITH 50+ pre coded pages available inside your site
-use [/theme-platform] link on any site listed to view full details
of platform integrated with each website)
( 9x complete and fully cusomisable theme style options)
cool and easily managed features integrated;
* Redirect -Allows you to point any pages or posts to a URL of your choosing easily- no coding required. Good for setting up navigational links
to non-WP sections of your site or to off-site resources such as affiliate links.

*Ping list of 70+ external popular sites integrated
PLUS -integrated plugin that Adds pinging as a shutdown hook, so you don’t have to wait forever while WordPress publishes the content for the list to be pinged.

*Social networking- enhanced plugin version (yes, its an enhanced version)
Automatically add links on your posts, pages and RSS feed to your favorite social bookmarking sites.
Blog self automated user subscription and updates--automatically builds and manages your blog list,Notifies an email list when new entries are posted.

*Live feedback;
Readers can add a quick comment about the blog as a whole, and the comment will appear in the sidebar immediately, without reloading the page

*Baclinks manager;
track your backlinks and to help get more back links with this featured plugin that allows and manages vistors seeking to exchange reciprocal links on a per page basis!

*Advanced page navigation;
With integrated more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress blog.

*I digg it!
Integrated smart button to digg "style" the posts by reader popularity, only allows 1 digg per IP per 24 hours.

*Advanced Admin traffic and visitors stats
Analyze your visitors traffic with real time stats, chart and a lot of chronological information. It has sidebar Widget support to show current online visitors and other statistics.

*Google sitemaps generate a compatible sitemap of your WordPress blog which is supported by, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO

*Feedburner Mutliple options RSS integrated options
1.plugin that Displays the number of subscriber to your Feedburner account (without that ugly feedburner chicklet)
2.plugin that detects all ways to access your original WordPress feeds and redirects them to your FeedBurner feed so you can track every possible subscriber.

*Video compatibility enhanced
Easy embedding of videos from various portals or local video files with corresponding link with customisable admin features

*Contact form
drop-in form that allows site visitors to contact you. It can be implemented easily (via QuickTags) within any post or page

*Comments message prominently positioned and integrated- see how you can hook it into special OFFERS for repeat visitors/blog lurkers (you need to visit the site 4 times with current setting.. to see it!)
Displays a custom message to regular visitors who have returned to your site (currenty set to appears after 4 visits). Based on the original What would Seth Godin do plugin.

*SEO integrated and optimised by plugin and selection configuration.
Includes Alli in one seo to suit. tweeks/configuration implemented.

*FULL Management ADSENSE integrated console in WP ADMIN for posts and pages also (as well as the theme banner ads being seperate) You may also elect to integrate ALL site banner ads into this management area using code. Its like logging in to your actual google adsensea ccount but right form WP ADMIN!
*FLIKR integrated (just addyour ID same as feedburner)
*VIDEO sample
*SLIDE sample
based on alot of cross testing with many plugins and the core theme platform files including tweeks, hacks and code tingles to get it all running smoothly and ready to maximise your website capability and reach in the SE's.

Includes a silent dog whistle?
*Every time you add a new post..its like a silent dog whistle, multiple search bots come like a large population of dogs to the site! And They love this maximised WP with a fresh data addiction! We had 90 visits in under 5 minutes, so it is currently set to SE invisible in admin until you buy.

#NOTE: Support for any third party products is naturally not included and support for helping you get started is only provided if you choose to remain hosted (additional cost=$4o p.q) Otherwise you are free to migrate to your host within 4 days of purchase(required), and you agree to take full responsibility on your server if you choose to do so. Everything works perfectly, if you are not competent with migration of WP or with css or code or testing additional plugins should you wish to add them,(as per standard with any WP) then we recommend you don't hack your way around the place and make noises when you find out you don't know your way back to the start :]. Advanced or experience users will know this is what takes up time, and believe me it has taken a lot of time to get to this point with what you see. The good news is, replacing images and minor changes are easy, not to mention all the options that come with this theme platform.

Just to clarify:
You are buying a website(s) for sale on a .com domain (BRAND) not rights to any product (theme or script or other thing), you are free to modify and customise the site you buy, all 3rd party licensing terms are to be adhered to with each respective 3rd parties terms in other words you can't resell this site/theme but you may sell the site/domain and its contents as you would a normal website you own.

START PRICE just $40 (per site)....Please post your BIDS and the relevant website/domain(s) with your BID. Thx! PM BIN offers for consideration and early sale offers to buy.

Wont my site be the same as the others?
No, For starters click the "/theme-platform" page link(on site) to see exactly how many built in variations and business coded/styled pages are included with the website offered for sale here. Actually just changing the header and background images can produce a completely different design look and feel but code changes and CSS requires knowledge. Also, you can even have a different styles and layout combinations for more pages (see gallery) such as header and sidebar for each individual page as well as product, gallery and service features, depends on where you want to take your business. All of the grunt work and business intelligence has been developed into your site, there is no one else offering this drive away seat into a popular niche area for your convenience and success base.

EACH SITE .com is aged, and IS KEYWORD NICHE"TARGETED" for a mainstream generic volume searched audience (with maximiser as the second word which has a search volume of around 10k p.m separately fyi)

If YOU don't have writing skills or a will to write from scratch?
Thats ok, we offer the option of PLR Content exactly targeted to the specific niche of each .com for a minimum of 100days(more if you need it) starting at just $40 (thats 40c per niche targeted, domain focused PLR article in a 100PACK). Or if you are happy to write your own content from scratch, kudos to you......All that you need to do if you buy one of these websites is to update the website custom & privacy setting (se's and email contact/ site preferences) to your details to get started! add your ads + start posting!

Site starting BID =$40 per site
Optional extras to suit;
#exisiting/compatible Hosting $40 Per Quarter (optional- with terms above) if you want to get started with your site without delay.
#PLR Targeted Content (100 Days min PLR CONTENT Package) =$40 or 0.40c per article for bulk total including thereafter/min order. These PLR ARTICLES are keyword targeted and professionally written, with word counts, tags and summaries included so as a rewrite base they have everything to help you save time.
#migration- No, migration to your server is not included, you are welcome to do this yourself if you are competent. if you do not know what you are doing, it may be better to continue hosting to start, as it is either time or money that is required (plugin don't configure themselves.... Migrating a professionally integrated and configured WP CMS can be time consuming and may require re-testing based on new server config and different 3rd party requirements, its not as straight forward as you might think.
Having said that, if you or someone you know can do this, then by all means do so at your own cost/time , as we do not know who or how capable they might be at migration, if you choose to migrate the website- no support is offered for this reason.

INFO FOR BIDDING websites for sale:


Please post your BIDS and the relevant website/domain(s) with your BID. Additional options such as hosting/PLRcontent for your purchased website can be communicated separately/additionally after you win the site for sale. Thx!

PM BIN offers for consideration and early sale offers to buy, this thread will be updated to represent sale availability.

How long is the Auction?

A few days probably or unless an accepted BIN is offered per website.

Why are you selling?
We develop optimised networks of WP with seohosting and occassionally leverage this expertise in individual sites for the benefits of aspiring niche ceo types. If you have a suite of good .coms and see the limitations of parking and want a quote for a complete network set up (everything done for you),optimised and seohosted we can quote for any amount of DN's.

Any Questions; just post here
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