Xiow.com ; Lqfo.com ; Yu2g.com; Yib2.com


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Feb 20, 2015
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Currently taking offers on the following domains, all DOT COMs, 2 of them LLLL, and 1 each LLNL & LLLN

XIOW.com - 114,000 search results in google. Though estibot states 44k and an appraised value of $510.00. Believe it may be an Asian proper name; not 100% on that one.

LQFO.com - 163,000 search results in google; Estibot claims 303,000 Search Results; with appraised value of $670.

YU2G.com - like the one below it; this is a rare LLNL where each Letter or Number can be used as a full word (whatever that's called); so this one is the sentence "Why you too, G?" So, technically, you could have two guys in jail and one says to the other, "i got caught robbin the 7/11" and the other would say "Why, You too, g?" Damn.

YIB2.com - like the one above it, this is a rare LLLN where letter or number can be used as a full word when pronounced. For instance, "Why, I be too?" Both of them use a bit of ebonics or bad grammar, I guess; but they're letters and numbers, not words; give them a break. It's not too often you get them all in a 4 letter dot com. In fact, they are quite rare if you think about it.
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