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Oct 8, 2008
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Google PageRank = 1
Google Search Results = 5,800,000
Google Global Monthly Search Volume (exact) = 1,830,000
Google Estimated Avg CPC = $4.31
Google Advertiser Competition: Very High

According to Google Adwords, there are over 1.8 million monthly searches for the exact term "Skin Care Products" with an average CPC of $4.31. For comparison, "Skin Care" gets less than 1/6 of the search volume on Google, with 301,000 monthly searches for the exact term and with an average CPC of $3.33. With SkinCareProducts.us, you'll be able to draw higher quality traffic and get better sales conversions. You'll find real customers looking to spend real money, not tire kickers posing as potential customers that are just looking for free information.

SkinCareProducts.us is a monster domain covering a broad range of popular consumer products. Some of these sub-categories by themselves are multi-billion dollar industries. SkinCareProducts.us covers them all and is simply a category killer domain. Submit your offers accordingly.

● Cosmetics
Dry Skin
Oily Skin
● Rashes
● Pigmentation
● Hair Removal
● Insect Bites
● Blisters
Stretch Marks
● Natural Skin
● Sensitive Skin
Baby Products
and more .....


● Ask all questions before posting SOLD.
● Post SOLD to claim.
● Listed on multiple forums (in case of multiple buyers, date & timestamp determines buyer)
● All sales are final. No refunds, exchanges or adjustments.
● Domains are sold 'As-Is' without any content or website. There are no warranties or guarantees of any kind, either expressed or implied.
● There is no to negligible amounts of traffic unless otherwise indicated. Prior traffic levels are not an indication of future traffic levels.
● All prices are in U.S. Dollars.
● All payments must be payable in U.S. Dollars only.
● Payment is by Escrow.com (buyer pays all fees), verified Paypal (up to $500), money order, bank check, certified check or wire transfer (if over US $1,000). All international money orders must be postal money orders. All bank or certified checks must be issued from a bank with a branch located within the U.S.
● Payment is expected within 72 hours. Escrow.com should be funded within this time. Money orders, bank checks and certified checks should be mailed within this time and received within 7 calendar days from the date of postmark. Please inquire about any other payment arrangements.
● Free push to your GoDaddy or Moniker account
● No inter-registrar transfers - do not ask for authorization codes.
● While all information provided is believed to be accurate, we shall not be responsible in any way for any errors or omissions. Do your own due diligence.
● We reserve the right to relist any unpaid domains.
● We reserve the right to refuse to do business with anyone for any reason whatsoever.
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