.com 121Love.com - used for a popular dating site with tens of thousands of registered member until 2019

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Azam Marketing, Inc.
Sep 3, 2005
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  • The premier dating/personals/romance-related domain name, registered in 2002, is for sale at a reduced price in this month of love
  • Rare seven character pronounceable and brandable .com domain name
  • Because it begins with the number one, it is listed at the very top of most directories!
  • Domain name was used for a popular dating site with tens of thousands of registered members. It ran from 2002 until 2019
  • We have spent a phenomenal amount of time and money promoting 121Love.com over the years. Dozens of links to the domain, which you can verify by doing a search for "121Love.com" in a search engine such as Google or Bing
  • Vast resources spent on acquiring permanent links to it on large and small web directories. Long term traffic at no additional cost to you. We have invested in 121Love.com for long-term profitability!
  • Domain comes with numerous eye-catching banners created by professional graphic-designers
  • Domain name registration fees paid for many more months
  • We were seeking c. US $4,500 for it and are open to offers.
  • Valentine's Month Promotion: enjoy a sizeable 20% off the above price this February if you mention you are a member of DNForum!
  • If you're interested in purchasing 121Love.com then email us at buy [at] 121Love.com, Skype AzamMkt or telephone +44 (0) 20 33 55 4334
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