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Sep 15, 2009
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Two things I like to do in my personal time to continually help me grow in domain name investing: Browse lists such as these 17 domain names bought by end-users — published by Andrew Allemann of DomainNameWire — to see if they would be put to use in the same manner I would and to also speculate on ordinary domain name sales from investors alike.

My least favorite and cheapest domain name shared is which sold for €2,000 ($2343). It's currently being used as a redirect to their homepage of, a mildly better choice. By the looks of things, their .net didn't go live until 2020. Their site gives me an affiliate/reseller feel, even though they have bare metal servers for sale. But, on to the point, €2,000 could have gotten them a much better brand name, and one with possibly some hosting/targeted type-in traffic to save a couple of bucks in CPC advertising, right here on DNForum. might not have been such a SmartPlay with a $10,000 purchase for it by Solutions Pte Ltd based in Singapore. This is because there are restrictions on ccTLDs here in Japan with .jp not having any and given a bit more weight due to that — something that they may face in the future.

The domain was purchased for $2,995 to be put to use for blockchain swaps. PancakeSwap and Uniswap are already well recognized in the market; however, CrossSwap has a memorable name that can most likely immediately tell the audience what it does as opposed to the former two.

The last domain of the list that piqued my interest was for $10,000. I like this domain as it's 5 letters, brandable, and also is fitting in the Japanese market. This name was picked up by Plug&Paid which helps e-commerce sellers increase revenue. It's alleged by Andrew, and agreed upon by myself, that this is likely a brand upgrade or the company.

This was a breakdown of only 4 of the 17 listed by Andrew. Be sure to check out the rest of the names!
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