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Apr 28, 2020
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https ://www. ukfast .co.uk/hosting-news/360-investments-to-sell-domain-names .html ---- Article that shows how popular 360° domains are. Also you can check sedo and just type "360" term.

whos360.com for sale
luke360.com for sale
LiveEarth360.com for sale
qis360.com for sale
casino213.com for sale
360ferrari.com for sale
360freeware.com for sale
AFL360.com - very popular tv show on foxsports in australia also own the .com.au
Foxtel360.com - cable tv in australia
Camry360.com- toyota might buy this one
June360.com - a name of a month and also a name
Boeing360.com - a model of the boeing company
Riverside360.com - a cool sounding name
starbright360.com - nice name maybe for a commercial company
Jumper360.com - jumper is a popular term on the net lots of apparel companies will like this one


Reg : Godaddy

Payment : Sedo or Escrow ( Payment should be done with in 24 hours)

Info section :
Similar sales as per Godaddy:
Average sale for any term with "360" is $3695
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