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Dec 28, 2014
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I have on sedo auction with 2 days left and you are welcome to bid on there, on here offers are taken in. These are GEO targeted domain names ( UK is huge market ) Invest now to gain very soon. Any question (BIN, Transfer, Payment) pm me. Thanks

3Dbioprinters will soon make organs and human tissue good enough for transplant, researchers say. New 3D bioprinting centers opening doors, growth opportunities are limitless.


Build up a lead or affiliate website and monetize, sell these to existent and well established UK companies which are very forward thinking and competitive, and or target start-ups.

Reasons to Purchase:

  • Explore global 3D Bioprinters Market growth rate, market size and projection to 2022 and drivers of global 3D Bioprinters Market
  • Challenges to market growth of global 3D Bioprinters Market industry
  • Major prospects in the 3D Bioprinters Market
  • In-Depth regional evaluations by application ( Europe, North America APAC and Rest of the World) of global 3D Bioprinters Market business
  • Competitive background, with 3D Bioprinters Market firm market share and detailed overviews/ summaries of major industry/business competitors

Latest 3dbioprinters News:

Dated 25/May/2016

Israeli 3D print electronics developer Nano Dimension Ltd. announced that it has successfully lab-tested a proof of concept 3D Bioprinter for stem cells using an adapted 3D bioprinter, they can enable 3D bioprinting at high resolution and high volumes. Nano dimension raises $ 2.2 Mil and goes on Nasdaq this week, all this hints there will be planty of cash for domains like 3dbioprinters.
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