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Nov 5, 2011
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Spring Cleaning Sale!

I'm taking offers on all domains. All. COM domain names. Registered at Godaddy. All types available including 4 letter, 5 letter domains, brandable, product keyword, exact match domains, GEO+city domains, domains with parking revenue, typo domains, domains in finance + health + service niches, etc.

Payment by Google Checkout, Paypal, Bank Wire transfer or Escrow.

Send PM or email to inquire.

LLLL .COM domains

5 L domains ( - good for jailbait teen adult website - authority domain, lots of backlinks from big sites (, LifeHacker)

Brandable Domains - Good CPC in health niche - Call of Duty gaming (COD) niche - Millions of searches for "Cost of + Keyword) - Hire Public Relations, solid brand - Business niche domain - easy to spell and remember - good 6 character brandable - New York City swag - Alabama insurance company ( wants to buy this domain name - easy to remember and spell - juicing niche

Product Domain Names

GEO City + Keyword Domains - several companies are currently fighting for the domain

Domains with Parking Revenue - earns around $10 per month, traffic comes from China looking for movies online

Credit Card & Finance Domains - comes with 1 page website
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