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Fixed prices set for the domain(s) listed in the original post.


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Jun 23, 2015
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Premium, single word. Selling $75 each name. First to offer takes the domain. (domain + site)

Search exact month: 33.100
14 September 2015
Search exact month:49.500
09 September 2015

Terms and conditions

- This domain can ONLY be pushed to your GoDaddy account.

- If you do not have a GoDaddy account you can set up a free account in minutes.

- Payment must be made via Paypal Within 48 hours after auction close.

- GoDaddy customer ID and email address associated
with GoDaddy is required to push the domain.

- After payment domains will be pushed to your GoDaddy account
before 24 hours provided we have received the required date.
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