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7N.com - A silently growing market


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Aug 13, 2002
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I've decided to share with you the result of my studies related to the numeric domain market.

I admit I wasn't a real fan of this niche until few years ago when I saw a growing market demand for NN/NNN/NNNN/NNNNN.com/net so I've started to study more carefully this new fashion.

We let dropping dozens of quality 5N.com in 2010, excellent patterns that we've holded for just 2 years before having stupidly decided to let them expire to save on our renewal fees.
Recently, I've discovered that those domains are now worth $x,xxx each so we should have risked to keep renewing for few more years so a wrong decision caused us a big loss considering we had paid around 80/100$ each for those domains.

We've started to become real fans of this new market few months ago when we've sold our 2 NNN.com and a premium NN.net (we can't disclose the details of those transactions but for sure we've started to consider more seriously this new investment opportunity).

Let's start with few important facts: last July 2015 there were dozens of thousands of quality 6N available for registration but we did again a mistake because we've just taken few dozens of the remaining ones with triple "8" in random positions (without 0-4) while we left to our competitor thousand other excellent patterns now paid in the $xxx/each range in the daily post drop auctions.

Many people says this trend will end a day and we did the terrible mistake to consider things in this wrong perspective until we discovered that just last August 2015 few smart domainers start to grob thousands of the best patterns of the 7N.com niche while the general attention was still focalized exclusively on the 6N (it's too early to invest in 7N told us another domainer so we did another mistake and we didn't invest).

Thousands of 7N starting/ending in quad N (2222135 1352222) were still available for registration in August and now they're paid in the low/middle $xxx each with prices raising quickly, day after day.

We'd have spent a mere $8.47/domain to register them (after having joined the Gd Discount Club) so what was the risk ? No, it wasn't worth our time and we invested on domains whose value hasn't changed so much in the latest 3 months.

I've noticed that several thousands of these 7N actually paid in the $xxx/each range, have been hand reg'd by few diff. people so they're experiencing a strong return of 12/15 times the invested capital in less than 3 months but who'd believe that ? What was the risk for us in spending few hundreds in those registrations ?

1* Day after day, many new 7N patterns are starting to be auctioned and their value constantly grow up.
2* Few hundred thousands of 7N have been registered since last August (they'll number will soon beat the 6N registrations);
3* We've discovered over 25k 7N with nice patterns registered in the latest few days but we've just quieried whois of a small fraction of them;
3* Most of the best patterns are already gone forever (we're never considering 0 & 4 of course in our study and researches).

Let's do a final recap of all patterns actually gone:
- Having the same number repeated 5 times (in consecutive/random positions) ie: 1553555
- Starting ending with triple repeated number (3331579
- Starting/ending with just 2 repeated "8" (8823576)
- Having 3 diff pairs of repeated numbers + a random one (2213366)
- Containing at least 3 consecutive "8" in the middle (2158887)
- Patterns made by just 2 diff. numbers (2522552)
- Starting in 123 / Ending in 4567 (strangely, there're still few ones ending in 123)
... many of other great patterns are going too so what have we learned by this experience ?

We've gathered a group of few local investors and registered over 10,000 selected numbers (carefully chosen considering the availability in the first weeks of October) among the best remaining patterns; so doing, the total investment has been of about $88k and now do you thing we've done something of wrong again ?

Many similar numbers are already auctioned daily in the $60/80 each so we plan to hold them for a while before starting selling but we don't exclude our investors will love this market and will decide to keep them for few years.

Now, what's the secret of this game ?

Don't see "numbers" as domains but consider them "stocks" or "gold", a safe way to invest your money, something you can resell at anytime to raise new liquidity but always at a much higher price than what you've spend to acquire it.
Considering you pay $8.47/each to hand register them, even reselling under the market value (once similar patterns will start to be auctioned) might mean getting $50/each from your domains after just few months.

We believe to this new game and we're taking it very seriously now.
Many Chinese domainers with more resources are investing more than us and now we've learnt they're smarter than all other people who continue to ask: Why registering 7N ? They're millions !

This's the wrong way to consider them because the goal of the game isn't asking yourself if they'll ever go completely but if the specific pattern you're targeting will go in the next few weeks and how much you'll get as a return by your investment.

Where's the risk ? None ! I'll tell you more of what we're learned.
Let's say you love the easy profit but you hate numbers, that's normal for our culture even if we love them now :)

Well: don't invest millions but fix a budget then pick up some good number still available for registration and start to monitor the market on a daily basis (you can do that by monitoring the public auctions on multiple popular sites like godaddy/pheenix/kqw etc ...).

You'll discover something of surprising exactly it happened to us: this game will not end at least for the few years to come because it's involving a growing number of enthusiasts from many countries (not just from China) so you'll never lose a single cent of your money until you'll continue to monitor it to study the best time to sell and the time to hand register new emerging patterns.

You can play with $8.47 or with $888 anything depends by your possibilities and by the max return you plan to get.
You'll probably do our same mistake in a first time (and that's normal): you'll invest in just 5/10 domains and you'll try to resell too quickly without waiting for 2/3 months so your return will be extremely low and you'll become furious few months later once such numbers will start to get auctioned in the $xxx range.

Is this an easy way to become rich ? I'm not telling you it is simply we believe it's a way to make a lot of money if you'll learn and understand the rule of the game and once you'll learn to play it in the right way :)

We were monitoring a big list of the remainng good patterns: over 113,000 available domains a couple of weeks back while today there's a mere 40% of remaining.
We've made the list public hoping you'll all enjoy the game:

Why are we making it public ? After over 10,000 registrations of the latest weeks, we're waiting for new investors and new capitals but Chinese domainers will not wait for us considering they're grabbing anything as quickly as they can (over 25k gone in the latest few days alone and many of them have been reg'd today as you'll see).
Told this, we'll look for new emerging patterns to target once ready (and we'll not make public the new lists before having grabbed few thousands) but now these ones will go quickly and surely before we'll have the chance to put again our hands on the same.

You'll find all remaining 7N with triple "8" (in random position, often with 2 consecutive ones), triple consecutive number in the middle, "123" at the end and few other great combos.
The ones having a triple consecutive number in the middle are already starting to go to auction and for this reason few smart domainers are registering quickly the remaining ones.

Did you like our innovative point of view of this market ? Enjoy the game then and apologize me for my poor English knowledge especially now that I've written quickly without reading twice nor thinking too much to the correct grammar due to the big enthusiasm and wish to share anything with you all.

Over 22k numbers have been already registered from my previously posted list and all this happened in just 48h :)


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Jul 14, 2013
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a big bubble....

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