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7N.com available for registration - Multiple repeated numbers, almost ended: 1283885.com ...


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Aug 13, 2002
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All 6N.com are gone exactly as all good 6N.net patterns but many smart domainers have already moved forward and grabbed almost all the best patterns of 7N.com in the latest 3 months.

All 7N.com starting/ending with a triple repeated number are now gone.
All the ones with a triple consecutive "8" (even in the middle) are gone.
All these patterns are completely gone as well: 2233556 6223355 2626262 2256722 2212256
.... Many of them are starting to sell in the low/middle/high $xxx each in the daily auctions (godaddy/dropcatch/pheenix/kqw ...).

Don't try to find an explanation to this new trend because it has nothing to do with a traditional domain investment as you've always see it.
This's just a game to make quick and easy cash: register today at $8.47 (GoDaddy Discount Club) and resell just few weeks later at $60/200/+ each domain.

It's not fantasy, it happened with the 6N.com (available since the second week of October) and it happened already with many great patterns of 7N.com available until few weeks back and already paid in the $xxx/each.

You might not love numbers but even investing few bucks in this game will easily quintuple your investment.

Here's a list of the few great patterns still available for registration (less than 7K without 0 or 4).
Consider that watchlist was ov over 120k available domains until last 27th October :)

We've grabbed over 12k of the best ones in the latest weeks with the support of few external investors but the game become more interesting if many new players will enter in it so market prices will continue to raise and we'll all have fun (apart making flows of money of course).

Enjoy :)
Few interesting consideration about this kind of investment:

You're loking for an explanation to this new trend and well, I've it.

Numeric domains have no real use and will be never developed (that's correct) but they'll continue to be traded for the years to come as a financial commodity which will continue to grow in value, month after month.

It's simply an easy way to quintuple your investment in just few weeks, something you'll sell only when you'll need new cash otherwise it's not worth a sale because you'll lose the chance to make much more by it in a second time.

It's a fun game and it would be great if we'll be able to attract the attention of as many blogs/magazines and medias in general on this emerging market so always new investors will be attracted by this opportunity and prices will grow even more ... We'll experience a growth in values never seen before in any other market.

Note that it's a totally legal game (nothing to do with gambling or other blacklisted ways to make easy money), there's no real risk here because you can just invest few $xx to get a return of several $xxx in the short term period.

You can convince others to enter the game with just a single registration ($8.47), they'll have fun and they'll thank you as it happened to me few hours ago when a friend that I've convinced to register 3 (only three) 6N.com including 3 "8" in random positions at tne end of July, sold one at Eur 999 through Sedo and he couldn't believe this has really happened.

It's nothing of so strange considering some patterns of similar 6N have sold in the $1,000/1,400 range lately in the daily auctions.

Again, we should attract the attentions of as many magazines as possible on this topic because more they'll talk of this market and more people will get attracted by it (at advantage of all players).

We're seriously planning a campaign in this direction for the coming weeks :)

We might get no success maybe in a first time but we'll never desist.

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