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fixed price Actually its Under $50 - SitterWorld.com, HeliTours.net, 4231.cc & More

Fixed prices set for the domain(s) listed in the original post.

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Mar 27, 2011
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Hi All,
Names below are just $49/each. POST IT SOLD with the name. All names are sold on a First-come, First-Serve basis,

Want to buy the entire list. PM me your offer.

Payments by Paypal only. Payments are due with 24 hours after post it sold. PM me if you have any questions, concerns. Thank you. JT.

Here are names....

1) 4231.cc (NNNN's are selling in the mid to high XXX's at Godaddy)
2) Mingled.net
3) VRBO.tv
4) HillBilly.ME
5) DUDU.info
6) DropHistory.com
7) NASCAR.TV (Buy it at your own risk)
8) Telugu.us - SOLD
9) TheCannabisConsultant.com
10) NYCarInsurance.org ( $12.11 - CPC)
11) TaxKiosk.com ( Actually there are businesses doing this...) - SOLD
12) CoffeeBean.biz ( Exact match/ Product name - massive search volume)
13) SitterWorld.com
14) HeliTours.net (More than 50 business have helitours in their URL - Just google it...)
15) ChronicPainRelief.org (If you are mini site builder - this is a perfect name for it)
16) BigBets.mobi
17) FarmingTours.com ( Its a awesome name)
18) FrenchCulinaryTours.com ( culinary tours is a huge business)
19) ecrews.com
20) GoldenEagle.org
21) StarDusters.com
22) TheMagneticBracelets.com
23) eLearning.cc ( gets 20-30 uniques)
24) MostPopularWines.com
25) MedicalHistory.net
26) 50cent.ME
27) CochinMarket.com
28) BrooklynHomes.org
29) B********ng.com - SOLD
30) CheapHotel.cc

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