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Jul 24, 2003
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You can have your own site selling Adsense content sites to other people at a bargain price.

The sites offer the following:

1. 40 premade Adsense sites, some with great content articles. Google Adsense code and Amazon affiliate ID addition is a simple process. Your customers get to download the whole lot after payment and can get a site up and running quickly. 100% margin of course.

2. Site Submission Service - Great margin on this.

3. Domain Appraisal service

We have had good success with our original version of this site and are now looking to sell no more than 5 more variants to raise some cashflow.

Its really just a matter, like every other site!, of getting traffic towards it.

As such, Ads and forum posts at places like DNF, NP, DP, SP, etc bring in huge rewards as the actual offer is very attractive as you can see and the sign up rate is great.

We'd recommend offering hosting and installation with it as well actually as this proved really successful for us (we have our own server though).
Basically, f the customer actually has NOTHING to do then you can charge more and still get even more signups.
You can easily add packages on the order page so can you can offer other related services within this niche.

At the price we are offering these at, you cant really go wrong at all.

You can choose any one or all of the following sites at the prices quoted.

$119.95 www.AdsenseBuilding.com

$129.95 www.AdsenseDeveloper.com

$99.95 www.AdsenseSite.net

$179.95 www.ProfitsBooster.com

$119.95 www.AdsenseCreation.com

This includes the domain name, site files, and help with the transfer or free hosting for 3 months. Site files are about 205MB!! in total but bandwidth is slight, only depending on the amount of people downloading the files after purchase.

You'd only need to sell a few services to make your money back!

Post SOLD and mention the site you are buying to claim.
Paypal Only.
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