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AntiguaBarbuda.info - Small Website Indexed Since 2010 - Country Name From Caribbean Islands


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Jun 21, 2008
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You can buy the domain and benefit from Afternic's escrow process here: https://www.afternic.com/listings/webgeekmedia

If you want the content as well, I will email you the backup for the site's files (it's Wordpress). Just let me know the email where you want the files sent.

AntiguaBarbuda.info (Minimum $800, BIN $1,200)
- travel domain for a small country at the border of the Caribbean region. More than half of its economy relies on tourism.
- indexed since 2010 (first post in September 2010) with 15 short articles in total
- just renewed it a couple of days ago, so it expires September 2024
- learn more about Antigua and Barbuda here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antigua_and_Barbuda

Assume no traffic. There is an analytics code on the site, but I have no idea which email I used for that account. I've never built links to this domain. It was always a future project that didn't get any attention.
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