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.com Excellent Domains With Basic Websites Indexed For 9+ Years - Good Value - Gadgetomatic.com

All dot com domain names for sale are contained within this thread.


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Jun 21, 2008
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Looking to sell several .com domains. They all have some kind of website on them and they've been indexed for a long time. I just didn't get around to doing something more with them, and I'm tired of paying for the renewal fees.

These are starter sites, great to skip the sandbox. The value is in the domains and the 9+ years since they are indexed. The content can be replaced.

I've never done any link building for these, and you shouldn't be expecting any traffic (I don't have analytics on these as far as I know).

You can see the full list and starting bids or buy at BIN on Afternic: https://www.afternic.com/listings/webgeekmedia

If you place the starting bid that's listed there, I will wait a couple of days and see if someone comes in with the BIN or a higher offer. Hope you don't mind.

With the exception of gamblerpedia, they're all set to Fast Transfer. All of them are currently at Namecheap.

These are the domains:

Gadgetomatic.com (Minimum $800, BIN $1,200)

- perfect for a technology blog about gadgets/hardware

- indexed since May 2011, there were a bunch of short news articles posted then and then I never touched it again.

- Expires April 2024

3DPrintersBlog.com (Minimum $600, BIN $1,000)

- 3D printing is a niche that's slowly but surely taking off, should be great in the future as well. Always something to talk about, reviews for new 3D printers, tutorials, etc.

- indexed since February 2012

- expires in February 2024

Gamblerpedia.com (Minimum $800, BIN $1,200)

- gambling related domain, with a couple of slot reviews on it. No link building done to it.

- indexed since July 2013

- expires in March 2024

RouletteAcademy.com (Minimum $800, BIN $1,200)

- another gambling domain, could do great for a roulette-themed site aimed at beginners

- indexed since 2014

- expires July 2024

Let me know if you have any questions.
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Jun 21, 2008
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The domains are still available. Either get $300 worth of content if you buy one of these domains, or request a 25% discount ($150 or $200 less than the asking price). PM me and I will change the price if you're interested in the latter.

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