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Feb 20, 2015
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As an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy law; I can say with absolute certainty that there is a HUGE need for increased development of applications that assist both bankruptcy attorneys and law firms as well as their clients (debtors and to a lesser extent creditors) in the various aspects of bankruptcy procedure. I don't want to go too into detail as I myself am very interested in potentially getting into development of such applications in the future, but I'm a bit too far out skillwise from being able to be productive at the current time; but the opportunity is definitely right now for someone that is an experienced developer.

From my professional perspective with over 10 years experience in bankruptcy practice, there are so many opportunities for applications that take advantage of new technology, both on a mobile platform as well as a desktop browser platform, where developers could quite easily make applications that would save both lawyers and their clients a substantial amount of time and money by streamlining processes, closing gaps in communications; lessening the time required for obtaining information and conducting research; streamlining administrative processes, calendaring, inter-firm communications, and probably being able to automate 80% of the process.

bankruptcy law is a very distinct practice and it has many aspects that make it different than other areas of law, and these differences can really be taken advantage of by someone versed in software development and mobile app development, etc.

There really is a HUGE need for bankruptcy applications, at least from the legal professional standpoint, and a domain name like , a category defining name, would have great value as a source of information regarding the future market for specialized apps for this niche of legal practice.
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