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Rameez Yaseen

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Apr 6, 2021
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Try WhoisFreaks, it is one of the biggest whois databases that provides millions of well-parsed whois domain information such as domain registration details, domain registrar details, registrant details, administrative contact, technical contact, server names, domain status, registry data, etc. It has the following key features:
  • One of the biggest whois databases with whois information for 1000+ TLDs (gTLDs & ccTLDs), 422M+ tracked domains, 555M+ whois records.
  • Well parsed and normalized whois data records which are available in CSV file format easy to read and integrate into any business system.
  • Accurate and updated, the WhoisFreaks database is updated on the daily basis.
  • WhoisFreaks database provides whois records from 1986.
  • Custom whois domain data is also available on the basis of Registrant Specific Domains, Country-Specific Domains, and TLDs Specific Domains.
  • Over 4.5 Million domains are registered each month.
  • WhoisFreaks database contains only unique Whois records of the domains.
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