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Dec 14, 2013
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btcs.co is an EXACT MATCH NAME for both the abbreviation & trade symbol for the crypto "Bitcoins" (BTC = Bitcoin & BTCs = Bitcoins)

News report headlines sometimes strictly only state "BTC'" as the preferred terminology for Bitcoin when discussing the name, but also because the use of BTC is more heavily focused on the money and trade side. In my opinion you will find the most savvy media outlets using both "Bitcoin" & "BTC's" for visibility and SEO rankings and usually avoid using bitcoin's with an "s" all together. Check it out below:
- Shark Tank Judge Kevin O’Leary Is Concerned About BTC’s (livebitcoinnews)
- MicroStrategy Purchases Additional 2,574 BTCs (ihodl.com)
- First ETHs, High BTCs, Pushed USDCs and 20 Crypto Jokes (cryptonews.com)
- Bitcoin Mining Rigs Struggle for Profits, Despite BTC's Hashrate (bitcoin.com)
- Analyst Tracks Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP Trajectories After BTC’s Burst to All-Time High (Daily HODL)
- After BTC’s $2K Crash in Two Days, Will This Level Stop the Bloodbath? (Bitcoin Price Analysis) (Crypto Potato)

DOMAIN SALES HISTORY (Exact & Similar List)

  • btcs.com undisclosed amount + stock options
  • btcs.co.uk undisclosed amount + stock options
  • btc.com $10,000,000
  • btcc.com $59,000
  • bitcoins.de $22,000
  • btc.exchange $12,500
  • bitcoins.co $10,000
  • btce.com $6,000 (Sold in 2020)
  • btctrading.com $5,100 (Sold in 2020)
  • btc.global $5,000 (Sold in 2020)
  • btc.mobi $5,000
  • btcv.io $5,000 (Sold in 2020)
Now accepting starting bids / offers in the $5,000+ range now through 12/17.

- Send me an offer on this thread.
- Direct message is ok just comment on the thread saying you've done so.
- You can also visit btcs.co to bid just comment on the thread saying you've done so.

Preferred payment in BTC's, but paypal or escrow.com also works.

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