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developed Bkkchat.com (bangkok Chat)

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Nov 27, 2007
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Every new price will be listed here

$950 - $870 - $850 - $800 - $780 - $750- $700 - 650$ - 600$ - 590
510$ !!

*The last price in green is the current price and it means Bkkchat.com can be yours if you decide to buy now.


Hello Everybody !

Before going any further I advise you to check out this page :


You will find plenty of informations regarding this sale, the website, its domain name, details about the system, some other technical details, The traffic stats, the revenue generated, and a FAQ !


Right now and because of various personal issues I have no other choices but to sell some websites of mine and I have decided to start with a project I have enjoyed working on for a couple of years: BKKchat.com

I would like to make this sale as fair, fast, clear and simple as possible.


Alright! Now let's get into the heart of it! As you must be aware of it now the object of this sale is my great website bearer of the nice, "brand-able" and cool name : BKKchat.com (for those wondering or not familiar with it "BKK" is a popular way to refer to the beautiful a lively city of Bangkok capital of Thailand).

The 20th of April when I started this sale I began with the following price: 950$ .I felt it was a little too high compared to what I was honestly expecting to get but not that high either since I was really and honestly expecting I could sale it for at least 850$.

Since I had no offers at this price then little by little I discounted it. Therefore the current price is now much cheaper than 950$ ! And it could get even much cheaper if nobody makes a move and decides to reply "Alright I buy it!!"

So that's what I 'll do I will lower the price until somebody decide to buy.

Every new price drops will be announced here as soon as I decide to reduce the previous one. I will announce it without following any specific schedule. I could lower the price every couple of days or weeks, it's really up to me..Hence if you are interested to win this "Dutch Auction" and enjoy a really sacrified price I'll strongly advise you to follow this thread attentively! Otherwise you might miss a great opportunity to own some pretty nice website as well as a great domain name.


I have spent quite some time to write a page about this sale directly on BKKchat -details about this sale.
I did my best to give as much clear and accurate informations as I could, so If you are interested in buying my good site I strongly advise you to read this page. It contains plenty of information about BKKchat.com and should answer most of your questions (but feel free to ask if ever it doesn't)
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