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Nov 5, 2011
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I've had this domain for years but do not have time to develop. Great for starting a stock broker comparison website or maybe a blog on how to trade stocks and never pay commissions.

Registered at Godaddy. Expires 5/22/2013. Looking for $X,XXX offers on this domain. Has good potential and can generate some nice revenue using a couple of ways to monetize.

Ways to Make Money with This Domain

Before I purchase any domain, I think of at least 5 ways to make money with it. Here's what I come up with.

1. Stock Broker Affiliate Website - Gather a list of the top online discount stock brokers that offer free trades and build a comparison site. Scottrade, Etrade, TradeKing, Sharebuilder, Schwab, Optionshouse and TD Ameritrade spend money on Google Adwords for the exact match keyword "Buy Stocks for Free". You could join affiliate networks like CJ and Linkshare, grab a few links, write a short review (you can buy these for $5 at Textbroker), and start making money.

2. Redirect to another landing page - This domain get a few targeted type-ins per month and could be a good traffic builder if you already have a profitable website in the financial niche.

3. Start a financial blog - Every month, online discount brokers launch special trading promotions and you could build a community of traders who like getting "free stock trades". Similar to communities like Million Mile Secrets. Reducing commissions adds A LOT to your bottom line profits when buying stocks. Every extra dollar counts, especially when stocks move up and down so quickly.

4. Resell to Brokers - A lot of brokers advertise for this keyword, and if you have the time and do the research, you may be able to resell the domain to them for development purposes. This was one of my biggest plans back when I acquired the domain. Of course, I am focusing on a new jewelry store and do not have the time to send the e-mails, make the phone calls, etc. It may take a few months but it is very possible.

5. Create a Stock Trades Commission Tool - A lot of stock traders actively seek the best broker for cheap stock trades. While this wouldn't exactly be free, I think you could get a lot of traffic with a commissions tool. Anything that helps people save money will attract visitors.

Contact Me

If you have a vision, then please PM me to get in touch. Again, I am looking for respectable offers. $X,XXX offers will be strongly considered, but I am flexible. Looking forward to speaking with you.
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