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Chine.TV [Premium Chinese Domain]


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Sep 3, 2009
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I am not sure if i am on the right place but this premium chinese domain is for sale...

>>> : is for Sale !!!

We have great opportunity for Chinese market!!! We have this great domain name for sale which is :, « Chine » means « China » in French language, it’s a very top premium domain name! You can acquire it for your own business or for your clients.

There are strong relations between China and francophone countries, really great business value, can be used as a premium Web TV or even a real TV Channel, it can be used also as a portal to represent China for the francophone countries…

If you are interested to acquire this premium domain, you can send us your offer via email to : or directly via Sedo or 4.CN

!!! Great Opportunity for Great Market !!!

Offers Via Sedo, 4.CN, PM or Email...
Best regards.

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