Classic Domain Names: and More!

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Nov 24, 2006
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- 11 Years Old
- Clean Name, Easy to Remember
- .NET Taken
- Expiration: 04/20/2011
- Has traffic, and getting higher up in SEO

Price: $300 OBO
- 7 Years Old
- Creative domain for a sports forum, or a social network online for people to use for sports discussions and etc. Fans, new sports, etc.
- Expiration: 11/11/2010
- Receives traffic even though the site is dead. Page 2 or 3 in Foogle.

Price: $250 OBO
- 6 Years Old
- Fantastic domain to develop a website based on stock tips and tricks, what to look for in the stock market, what is a good buy and etc. Potential ad revenue, as well as affiliate revenue through Etrade and etc.
- Expiration: 12/21/2010

Price: $250 OBO
- 5 Years Old
- This domain works wonders for the endless possible solutions for a website, you can create a blog talking about the latest fashion out there. Save people money by offering coupons, if the site get large network with fashion lines to provide unique coupons only from your website.
- Expiration: 11/12/2010

Price: $250 OBO
- Design & Coding: $600
- Received minimal clients due to lack of advertisement
- Comes with:
*Business Card Layout
*Small Car Magnet Layout
- Minimal Search Engine Traffic

Price: $500 OBO

I am willing to negotiate on prices, or if you are interested in a bulk buy we can talk about that aswell.

EDIT: These are also available.


Louie A.
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