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Sep 27, 2011
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I notice the " Controversial " prefix on a topic and decided to pass along my opinion on this.

Some of us get caught up in topics and sometimes the responses can stray to topics away from what the community is about. It is often the call of a moderator to decide what is controversial and what is not. Having the job of moderator on my own tiny little platform I can tell you the job of deciding when to make that call can be quite daunting.

So here is what I ask myself...

As domainers we are a community in it's entirety, is the topic something we can be proud of as the domaining community and is it something we truly want to share on google. Does the topic make my business in domaining stronger or does it weaken my position?

So instead of criticizing the decision of platforms to delete these topics I now think moving them and allowing members to discuss them is probably more beneficial. As a experienced moderator myself I now understand that trying to force my views on another member will never be achieved. It is far better to state my view and allow another member to chime in with theirs instead of trying to convince someone else that my view is correct. It is the community itself that decides who has the correct vision and sometimes if you take the time to really read into someone else response it can be an eye opener and you can find yourself in a situation where you realize more than one opinion can be correct.

The expression I have used on my platform is "Upon Reflection" and it truly reflects on what I think and do.

Upon reflection I think you make a valid point. I had not considered that when I made my statement and I appreciate you bringing it to my attention.

The key here is to be transparent and actually mean it, there is nothing worse than being condescending to another member because they will sense that right away. Take the time to reread their post, truly reflect upon it and ask yourself, do they have a point?

So I appreciate the " controversial " prefix, I appreciate that we can be free to still discuss our views but I also appreciate that it will not detract from our industry as a whole. Our bickering and personal opinions should be kept out of public view because as domainers we have been fighting the squatter label for years, the last thing we need is another label that could compromise our ability to sell a domain.

Lets clean our laundry in private and hang it in the breeze smelling fresh as a daisy for our perspective clients to read.
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