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fixed price Crypto Keyword Traffic Domain Portfolio. Litecoin, Bitcoin - Litecoinpoker.com

Fixed prices set for the domain(s) listed in the original post.
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Apr 21, 2005
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I'm announcing these crypto currency domains here on DNF for sale, trade, or partnership offers. All of these domains listed get some traffic. I can provide traffic stats for most domains if needed. Most stats are from NameDrive. I get email offers weekly for most of these domains so I'm making this thread, and these domains public for negotiations sake. Also to steer potential buyers via email too. I will accept, BTC, LTC, Escrow. Cheers!

Domains for sale:

LitecoinPoker.com - 25 visitors last month
LTCPoker.com - 20 Visitors last month

Lightcoins.com Gets traffic. I only have old traffic stats. I will allow traffic testing for serious buyers. Great Brandable blog, business, gambling, anything crypto site domain.

FreeLitecoins.com - 15 last month. Great faucet site or gambling site domain.

LitecoinLotto.com - Received 114 visitors last month at NameDrive.

LitecoinWallet.com - Received 104 visitors last month.

LitecoinCalculator.com - 54 visitors last month.

BuyLitecoins.com - 30 visitors last month.

LitecoinEscrow.com - 11 visitors last month.

Crypsy.com - Traffic Domain. Crypto-related. Great for blog, business. Received 3,246 visitors last 30 days. 80-120 a day.

Please pm me questions only, no comments in thread. Thanks.

I may pull any domain or add domains at anytime. Thread closes after 72 hours from last activity and domains withdrawn from sale.

I'm not interested in crap domains. If you pm me crap domains I wont answer.

I'm just testing the waters here and try a different approach. Thanks.

Also, don't hesitate to contact me via email either: support@sarcle.com as I check my email more often than the forums.

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