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DomainUi: Monetise Your Product Domain Names with Amazon Products


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Apr 12, 2003
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DomainUi Update.

I would like to announce a big update to DomainUi, I have spent months refining the features and functionalities to make it more appealing to list and configure your product related domains (Any Domain Extension). My goal has always been to try and get my domain name to earn there reg fee and i am hoping DomainUi can achieve that. I have spent months working on this to get it to a position where i now have 1 platform to list, configure and optimise my domains.

As always it is my main goal to sell my domains but while they are standing still the ones that dont sell need to earn the reg fees back each year, as everyone knows hording hundreds of domains not earning anything and not selling can be a strain on the pockets and with reg fees going up i am hoping DomainUi can at least bring some £££ back in.

DomainUi is ever evolving and i am always open to suggestions and advice to make it better.

Some of the features are:

• Custom Amazon ID: Personalise your domains by using your unique Amazon ID.
• Global Amazon Region Support: Choose from multiple Amazon regions such as Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, .de, .ae, .fr, and more.
• Targeted Menu Pages: Create specific menu pages to highlight products with specialised content.
• Customizable Footers: Design bespoke footers tailored for each domain.
• Product/DomainAnalytics: Keep track of clicked products and the domains driving them.
• Amazon Title Modifications: Customize product titles ensuring you steer clear of Amazons duplicate content issues.
... and much more.

Here are a few screenshots.

Main Admin panel:


Domain Config Page:


Domain Reports


Exclusive Offer for DNF Members: I am offering the 10-domain package at no cost for the first 2 months, after 2 months if it isnt for you then just cancel its as simple as that. Use promotion code: DNF23 at the basket. This promotion is only open for a limited time only so best to signup sooner rather than later as the prices i am offering at the moment might not stay the same.

Visit https://domainui.com/ for more details and to signup.

If you are not looking to list domains at the moment you can still signup to be kept up to date of all the latest updates, features and offers ( Register Here ).

Should you have any queries or questions please feel free to send me a PM.

Kind Regards.


Ryan Ewen

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Aug 14, 2020
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Great little product if you have traffic domains and are looking for extra $$ versus standard parking.

Well done Paul


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Apr 12, 2003
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September update:

For the month of September all features are included no matter what domain package you buy. Visit DomainUi.com to view/signup.

I have had good feedback already but by enabling everything i am hoping this will be good to learn what people like/don like.

For all who have subscribed already if you dont see all the features pop me a message.

Also Competiton Time

The best setup site at the end of each month will win a Go Pro package for 12 Months. ( First one will be picked 1st October )

So get signed up and get building them sites.

Everyone that is signed up will see an announcement on your dashboard and a submit site button.

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