DORK (dot) org awesome fun generic very short 4 letter domain, blog/tech name LOW BIN

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May 15, 2005
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I'll price this one very low to sell today. Names like Dude, Dork, Nerd, and the likes are seldom ever seen for sale. This is a great short rare name, unforgettable! :yes:

I can see it in use for a programmers site or techie type name, a blog, a funny videos site, there is so much you can do with it. It's an easy to spell very short 4 letters.

First 4k takes it!

Post sold to claim and deal by escrow (split) or pp masspay/friend payment only. At enom for easy push :eek:k:

This is a fun name and an instant brand, dictionary generic, the price is low so don't miss it like a dork! :lol:

Thank you!

Chris :cool:
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