Economic crisis?


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Aug 7, 2013
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1000 impressions worth 1 cents. This is the case both on Sedo, and Chitika. PPC seems to be dead, because advertisers either have no money to spend,
or they advertise on facebook only. Is this a general trend , or do I miss something?

(Google ranking penalty and adsense ban for no reason years ago, after extremely successful 5 years,
and official praises from Google.
Then switch to Chitika.
It was making about 10 usd per day on Chitika (less than adsense but ok). Now it makes 10 cents per day.
They don't show ads most of the time. Quality of the site didn't change. Traffic didnt change much.
But they say they created a smart system to make sure earnings go up. )
There is only one explanation. US economy is dead totally.
Noone wants to spend money for anything. No advertisers willing to pay more than 1 cents per click.
There is an extreme monopoly, everyone in debt, a few rich are owners of facebook, and they advertise on their own site for free, why advertise elsewhere.
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Jul 9, 2005
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Everybody says PPC is dead, and while I noticed a decline over the years, it is still paying. Less than it used to.
But it depends on the domains and the quality of the traffic.
Are you sure the domain is not blacklisted by Google ?


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Jun 3, 2009
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Some domains I get practically nothing and some make $10+ daily. If they make money, I leave alone. If not, I adjust the keywords when I have a chance. Just remember to make sure no conflicting TM advertisements.
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