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Eipzy.com Premium Domain Marketplace (Commission Free Domain Marketplace)


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Nov 12, 2021
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Hello Friends,

We are happy to introduce a new premium domain commission free marketplace we launched eipzy.com I would love to hear your comments about this commission free marketplace.

Our goal to launch this company is to provide eco friendly and commission free environment to both sellers and buyers and extract the role of 3rd person who charge commission on the sales of domains..

Features that make Eipzy different.

Commission Free.

Most of the marketplaces charging 15 - 35%commission on the sales of there domains through their marketplace. We hardly worked on it and launched commission free marketplace. Eipzy don’t charge any commission on sales of any domain.

Buy Domains With Dozen of Payment Gateways and External Links.
We make Eipzy more friendly. Seller can add Paypal, Stripe, Escrow payment gateways, seller can also ask buyer to pay with any crypto currency like Bitcoin. Seller can also add external sales channel. All eco friendly environment for sellers. Seller can list same domains at all marketplaces and by going to seller dashboard, they can simple turn on or off external sales channel, Like you can turn on or off Dan, Godaddy , Afternic, Squadhelp, Namecheap. If you enable any of the external sales channel. When buyer click at BUY NOW button, they can see options for external button so they can easily purchase from anywhere.

Seller Based Advertisement.
We worked hardly on it and make our marketplace more friendly. Sellers can monetize there landing pages at Eipzy with there own ads banner ads. We reserved 2 places at seller owned landing pages where seller can insert 300x250 banner image with any referral link and 728x90 size banner image with any referral link to monetize there domains and landing pages at Eipzy and earn money from ads to cover domain renewal fees. We are 100% sure, these referral or affiliate links will help you to cover domain renewal fees.

Google Analytics.
Seller can add there google analytics code in seller dashboard so that seller can trace visitors in real time.

Eipzy Fees.
Eipzy don’t charge any commission from sales. All payments directly goes to seller. Eipzy charge only $5 per month for listing unlimited number of domains at our marketplace. We charge this small fee to cover our server charges.

Redirect to Eipzy Landing Page.
We are working on this feature so that seller can use our nameserver and automatically land to Eipzy landing page. Its in beta version and available at our platform within next few months. Currently you can redirect your domains to Eipzy landing page. As soon as nameserver features added in Eipzy, we will notify you.

We love to hear your thoughts about our project. In future we will add more features in Eipzy. If you have any suggestion or question, we love to hear.

Eipzy Team.

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