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Dec 20, 2011
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Ever wanted your site to rank better in Google Search results? Ever want to improve your business website by increasing your online presence? Did you know that most websites that are topping the search engines in their niche, are easily sold $1000 and above depending in the keyword competition, and much more if the domain is really good? I'm here to provide help to business or your website be successful.

So what will you get from my offer?

Well for only $5 (it's a thank you service in DNForum for helping me gain more knowledge on domain values), I'll give a comprehensive and detailed on-page and off-page SEO report for your website. The SEO report will help you optimize your site to rank better in Google searches, making your business a success. The SEO report that I will provide will show your sites weaknesses and provide advices, where you can follow to improve your search engine ranking. Also the report will include comparing your site with your top competitors in your niche and provide advice on how to compete and outrank them. This report will help your site rank easily in the first page of Google search, that will provide greater value to your business and website.

Estimated Time of Delivery is 24 hrs.

Kindly message me if interested.

It's a pleasure to provide good help to you. :)
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