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Feb 20, 2015
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A very nice short 2-keyword DOT COM domain that has several different possible uses in multiple fast-growing industries working with state-of-the-art technology.

3D Prnting
is likely the most lucrative industry in which this domain finds relevance. A quick read up on 3D printing will likely uncover a discussion or two regarding the use of Carbon Fiber as a key component of certain 3D printing methods; one that will no doubt become more relevant as the technology becomes more common place. Even so, there are already a number of companies working with 3d Printing and carbon fiber and who would presently make for possible end users with interest for this domain name to market their business or product(s). As this niche of the tech industry expands,, however, so will the number of potential end users. It is highly likely that this short and sweet domain name with strong relevant keywords will be in high demand in the not too distant future, making this domain an absolute steal right now.

Fiber Optic Cable is another sector of the tech industry where this domain name finds relevance. Fiber Optic technology is replacing traditional cable across the globe and as 3D technology has come back under the limelight; a marriage of the two only seams logical.

A 3rd possible use belongs to a somewhat odd thing I came across as I did my research into this domain, and that's 3d Fiber Mascara or eye lashes; I'll let you do more research on that, but it's apparently a pretty big thing in the world of mascara right now with a seemingly never-ending number of possible end users in that niche of make-up manufacturing.

At the potential low price that this Auction could allow this domain name to be sold for; it's no doubt a great deal for a 7 letter/number (2 short and strong keywords), tech-related domain that has relevance in no less than 3 distinct industries, all of which center around state-of-the-art technology that is only in its infancy at the present time.
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