GLORIFY.COM - RARE Christian Single Keyword Domain, 15 Year AGED. Established Domain

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Jun 18, 2002
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I have owned this domain for many years, and had it developed as my primary Christian free resources site, until earlier this year. The site has many quality backlinks (according to it has 537 backlinks in the last 60 days in the Fresh Index and 6,692 reported by their Historic Index) and normally gets between 400 and 500 DNS queries per day (with a 2 hour TTL DNS cache), so the number of visitors is probably much higher due to DNS caching.

Link to my DNS lookup stats for traffic for this month for this domain (I have never used this domain for E-mail purposes, only pure website use):

Here is a independent 3rd party backlink report:

But this domain is not sold based on traffic, DNS queries, or backlinks, they are just for your information. It is a high quality Christian domain with a lot of potential. I have seen 6 figure retail estimates for this due to the rarity of a quality Christian domain like this.

GLORIFY.COM - Registered since 4/9/1997 (15 YEAR AGED Domain), and has recently held a Google PR 4 ranking, which it still has today according to PRCHECKER.INFO. Of course I can not guarantee the future traffic, number of backlinks, or PR ranking, but these are nice plusses. An excellent domain to develop or to resell to a ministry, church, social network, or Christian business. Quality Christian single word .COMs rarely come up for sale. I know, as I have been doing Christian domaining for about 15 years now. They are getting rarer and rarer, as there is high retail demand for them.

Please make your best offer in this thread or via private PMs. If you meet my reserve I just might accept it. will be used with a push to your Dynadot account. DNS server changes can be made once sale is agreed upon. Domain will be pushed upon approval. Multiple forums. I reserve the right to end this sale at any time.
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