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Bulloney and Biscuit
May 22, 2018
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Sometimes I buy domains just for the fun of it like GobbleGobbleAmerica.com, and sometimes I buy domains to give/gift to others. Recently I purchased about a dozen domains for Renee Powell, PGA professional at ClearviewGolfClub.com in Canton Ohio. I visited with Renee earlier this month at the golf course her Dad built in 1946, the year Renee was born. While I already had a connection with Renee via a new golf game I created/invented called 9Time, it wasn't until I read that her Dad was fond of saying, "The Only Color that Matters is the Color of the Greens"

Here's a classy story of Renee, her Dad and Clearview....i think after watching/listening to the story you'll see why I've purchased domains like ClearviewForever, ClearviewStrong and even AmericasCourse.com....enjoy;

If anyone has ever seen the movie "Hidden Figures" you'll see why I'm so exited......Gobble! Gobble!
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