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HostMaria livestream on when it is a good time to borrow $$$$$ against a domain name, and how to do this | Ryan Ewen from DIgital Candy

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Mar 29, 2014
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Jul 5, 2021
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Is it possible to borrow 100K USD for 10 or more years?
I ask this because i got into domaining because of a secret i found, and before i release it to the public i must take every bit of a good domain, so i will be the only provider or source, like Swetha with her .xyz domains.
I could sell it for 100K if you people are interested, if you will not like it i will pay you back during 10 or more years, because i already got good offers, even if those inquirers don't know about this secret, which only i know. So we will profit at maximum i m sure of that.
Curently i have more than 1600 of such great domains, but i would like to grab everything that remains out there.
If you people are interested just DM me until it's not too late.
P.s. i have try to sell it to Mr.Rob Monster he gave me 1K USD but did not go through to pay the rest, he wanted to extract from me more info, after this Epik was hacked, i m sure it was the hand of those who rule this world and are afraid that i will open my mouth.
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