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Sep 26, 2005
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Selling points up front:
- Old Domain
- PR4
- Traffic
- Unique Design
- Revenue

Old Domain / PR4
A PR4 established 1 year old domain

Traffic (in uniques per day)
Traffic has decreased since I abandoned it. Last month the traffic averaged 597 uniques per day for July highest day being 1305 lowest 358. This month the traffic average is 376 with a high of 816 and a low of 233. Traffic has been mainly in the high 200s to low 300s.

Traffic comes from bookmarks, direct typeins, link exchanges and banner exhanges.

Unique Design
Custom UNIQUE design, coded to work with phparcadescript. Designed to get clicks with the right amount of traffic.

phparcadescript license IS included with this sale.

This site has already been accepted into a top tier banner network. Valueclick (a.k.a FastClick). All I have to do is remove it from my account and you can add it to yours or create a new account with a note saying this is an account move.

June: YPN - $55 | Valueclick - $38.27 | Total - $93.27
July: YPN - $32 | Valueclick - $34.54 | Total - $66.54
Aug: YPN - $33 | ValueClick - $11.28 | Total - $44.34

This site got 1 click yesterday and made $2.23. So the revenue is there. You just need to drive traffic to it!

48 HOUR AUCTION (ends 48 hours from post date)
Starting Bid $500
BIN: $850
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