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How to rank high in Google?


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Aug 14, 2013
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Hello there, In order to rank your website or blog on Google you do not have to work harder. Instead you have to work smarter. In this post I will show step by step how you can rank your website in Google.

Step 1: the first step is always to find the right keywords for your website. The main tool I like to use is Google keyword planner tool. I like that a keyword has at least 1000 searches a month. You can check low competition to reduce ads related to your keywords. After finding the list of keywords with 1000 search per month go to Google to check the ranking of the first 10 websites. Just put your keyword and then look for the first 10 results. See element like PA page authority using moz toolbar and see the backlinks of each website using tools like ahrefs. You can then get an idea if the website is easy to compete with or not.

Step 2: Write your content. I prefer to use only one keyword for each post. Now what is the best content to write? Well, for human side content must be:

1- Helpful

2- Solve reader’s problem

3- Easy to read

4- Try to Use catchy featured image with your keyword inside. It attracts people to click.

From SEO site content is better to be:

1-have the keyword you selected in the title, first paragraph, image tag and better to have density of 0.5% to 2%. Density means for eg. if you have the keyword “Dog and cat” and you write a post that contains 500 words, if your density is 1% then the keyword “dog and cat” is repeated 5 time in the post. If your post require video to solve something go for it, video is always good for SEO.

Step 3: this step is very important, but not needed if you can write well English. Once you done your post hire someone on fiverr for example to proofread it. This will make your post easy to read and errors free.

Step 4: Get backlinks for your post. This is the main important elements. Getting backlinks, but where can you find backlinks.

1-post your post to facebook page

2-post your post to your facebook account

3-post to twitter an add image and hash tag.

4-post to google plus page

5-post to google plus account

6-post to pinteerts

7-post to stubleupon

8-post to stubleupon

9- Make helpful video on youtube and link it to your website and social media. Try to use custom thumbnail image for your YouTube video. This makes it unique.

9-hire someone on fiverr to submit your post to most popular social bookmarking sites. This will save your time and usually cost around $5 up to $10.

10-find relative forums in Google that gives do follow backlinks to your website. Try to find a list of forum let’s say 30 forums. And write 3 posts daily with at least 200 words each. Try to write short but helpful threads with link back to your post. If you have time to write long post it is ok or you can hire writer. Anyway short forum post will do the job.

11- Comment on other relative blogs. Just add meaningful comment and do not spam. Helpful comment will let people interested in your website. Google as well.

12-tip, when building backlink, try to build them for your post url, for your main site domain and use different text links and not just one. For example if your main keyword is “dog and cat” then you may use “dog and cat” in 100 backlinks and you can use other keywords like” pet animals” and so on in another 50-100 backlinks. Number is just an example not accurate.

13-plan your work very well. You have to be patient waiting for the result. You will start to see good result after 2 weeks up to 3 months. Try to always update your site with new post regularly let say every day or every week.

14-Finally if you have some money to invest I recommend that you use that investment or part of that investment to buy backlinks. and when you want to buy backlinks try to always buy quality backlinks with high pr backlinks and do follow backlinks. If link is no follow but site is great like for example no follow link from mashable or techcrunch, imagine how many visitor s those links will bring. One of the best recommend site to buy backlinks that are relevant,do-follow, permanent and high pr backlinks is called linksmanage.com.

See this short video that explains how Buy backlinks with relative niches and high pr backlinks

click here if you are looking to know where to buy backlinks - buy quality backlinks and high pr backlinks


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