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Keynote Speaker: Kieren McCarthy, the Elected Non-Executive Director at Nominet

DNF Staff
Mar 29, 2014
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We are excited to have Kieren McCarthy, the Elected Non-Executive Director at Nominet as one of our keynote speakers at the London Domain Summit 2023.

Kieren is a journalist, author and policymaker, specializing in the internet and its governance.
He has written for a wide range of national and international newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, Times, Sunday Times, Independent, New Scientist, New Statesman, as well as online news sites including The Register and Techworld.

Kieren has lengthy experience in public policy and engagement. He was ICANN’s general manager of public participation, ran his own internet policy and conference company, and is currently executive director of IFFOR.
He wrote a book on a fight over the internet’s most valuable address,
Kieren is a Member of the Nominations Committee and the Public Benefit Committee.


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