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Domain summit 2024

London Domain Summit 2024 - Preliminary dates, Tickets, Sponsorships, Gala and more..


Mar 29, 2014
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Good afternoon all,

Let me share London Domain Summit's preliminary dates: August 20-21, 2024
Venue: Hilton London Metropole - whole West Wing (3 floors)
+ There will be a special VIP retreat day (I would call it 'Iconic') on the August 22, 2024.

Below is Plan A, and I will do everything in my power not to lower it to the Plan B. Every year, we Must be better than the previous one, till we reach maturity!!

One of the best things about conventions for specific industries is that this is the great exposure for your company or brand.

Therefore, from today we have published the main sponsorship opportunities available, and it is an excellent way to get noticed in the domain name industry as all the logos will be published on our website and video promotional materials.

Main Sponsorships available:
  • 2x Diamond Sponsors - £50,000.00 (my main priority, as both Diamonds are needed for us to be able to sign the initial contract with the Hilton and pay their first main bill)
  • Platinum Sponsors (max 10) - £25,000.00
  • Gold Sponsors (max 30) - £12,000.00

Then there are 3 more sponsorship packages:

  • Closing Party - £30,000.00
  • Photography Sponsorship - £10,000.00 (will have 2 photographers)
  • Video Sponsorship - £10,000.00 (will have 2 videographers)

Yet unpublished (various reasons of which "numbers are not ready yet" is the main one):

  • Gala (black-tie event) sponsorship
  • Individual Awards sponsorships (during Gala)
  • Individual exhibitor table pricing
  • Branding opportunities (Entrance Unit, Columns and others)
  • WiFi branding opportunities

Yes, we do plan to have both Awards and a Black-Tie event.

Note: Some of the readers might go "u-la-la" when reading these numbers!! - it is a big and expensive task to organise a convention like this.


(All tickets will have access to seminars, the closing party (2nd day), free food, free beverages, networking app)

  • The normal ticket price - £450 (Early birds come for £300)
  • VIP Pass - £900 (Ads access for 1 person to the VIP retreat on August 22. More privileges will be disclosed in later stages)
  • Under 20's Pass - £75.00
  • Start-Up Pass - £150.00 (Companies with less than 2 employees)
FREE tickets (not available yet - subject to availability):
  • Individual domain investors with total domain sales under £10k
  • Individual IT professionals seeking for opportunities in IT industry
  • Affiliates (the main business of a company/individual is affiliate marketing)
Note #1: Free ticket holders have no Access to the Gala/Awards.
Note #2: I reserve the right to cancel any free ticket without an explanation.


Last year we had 150 people, this year we had 235 people, and next year I am targeting 1000-1500 attendees.

Any questions? :)

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